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May 02, 2021 - 0 Minutes read

7 ways to speed up your computer

When the personal computer (PC) is a little old, the speed decreases. If you have heavy software like Adobe Photoshop or video editing then the speed is further reduced. The problem is that computers like phones cannot be changed frequently. So there are some rules or strategies to follow to increase the speed of the old computer. Details on how to increase the speed are given below.

Follow these 7 ways to speed up your computer

Performance Booster Software:

There are many third party software that speed up Windows 10 and clean up junk. There may be malware behind many such software. If you want, you can download any system mechanic software. It will cost some money to buy authentic software.


Apps that are installed on the computer also occupy a lot of space. It takes more time to open the PC. There is also pressure on Radham. So you need to uninstall unnecessary apps. First, right-click on the Windows logo Start button. Then click on Apps and Features to get the list of installed apps. If you click on the name of the app, you will get the option to uninstall. Also, Control Panel can delete unnecessary programs.

Start-up process:

Many programs are started just after starting the PC. You need to turn on Task Manager to turn them off. Pressing Ctrl-Shift-Esc will start the program. Then click on the Startup column section. Right click on the program list in it, the disabled option will appear. If you click on it, the program will not appear when launching the PC.

Disk Free:

Hard disk contains many unnecessary files, offline web pages and installer files. To delete these, go to the Start menu and type Disk Cleanup. With this program, you can delete unnecessary files by selecting all the 4 drives in the PC one by one.

Install SSD:

Adding a solid state drive to the PC greatly increases the speed of the PC. Many people buy SSD cards separately to speed up their old PCs. Software like Adobe Photoshop also loads faster on PCs with SSD cards. SSD card prices vary depending on the capacity.Virus check:Windows operating system PC has built-in defender to prevent malware. Downloading a third party app can also be done to find out if there is a virus. One such third party app is MalwareBits Anti-Malware. It will provide free anti-malware protection.

Tips and turning off notifications:

Installing countless apps means getting countless notifications. To keep notifications off, click on the Settings app. Then go to the search bar and type Choose which apps show notifications. Then scroll down to see which apps send notifications. To turn off the notification, you have to turn off the toggle button next to the app. There will be no notification at any time.